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1493571900New York Yankees - Baltimore Orioles
1493572020Toronto Blue Jays - Tampa Bay Rays
1493572200Cleveland Indians - Seattle Mariners
1493572200Detroit Tigers - Chicago White Sox
1493572200Miami Marlins - Pittsburgh Pirates
1493573700Washington Nationals - New York Mets
1493575800Houston Astros - Oakland Athletics
1493575800Milwaukee Brewers - Atlanta Braves
1493576100Kansas City Royals - Minnesota Twins
1493576100St.Louis Cardinals - Cincinnati Reds
1493579100Texas Rangers - Los Angeles Angels
1493582700San Francisco Giants - San Diego Padres
1493583000Arizona Diamondbacks - Colorado Rockies
1493583000Los Angeles Dodgers - Philadelphia Phillies
1493597100Boston Red Sox - Chicago Cubs
1493679900New York Yankees - Toronto Blue Jays
1493680200Boston Red Sox - Baltimore Orioles
1493680200Cincinnati Reds - Pittsburgh Pirates
1493680200Detroit Tigers - Cleveland Indians
1493680200Miami Marlins - Tampa Bay Rays
1493681700Atlanta Braves - New York Mets
1493683500Chicago Cubs - Philadelphia Phillies
1493683800Houston Astros - Texas Rangers
1493684100Kansas City Royals - Chicago White Sox
1493684100St.Louis Cardinals - Milwaukee Brewers
1493691000Los Angeles Dodgers - San Francisco Giants
1493766300New York Yankees - Toronto Blue Jays
1493766300Washington Nationals - Arizona Diamondbacks
1493766600Boston Red Sox - Baltimore Orioles
1493766600Cincinnati Reds - Pittsburgh Pirates
1493766600Detroit Tigers - Cleveland Indians
1493766600Miami Marlins - Tampa Bay Rays
1493768100Atlanta Braves - New York Mets
1493769900Chicago Cubs - Philadelphia Phillies
1493770200Houston Astros - Texas Rangers
1493770200Minnesota Twins - Oakland Athletics
1493770500Kansas City Royals - Chicago White Sox
1493770500St.Louis Cardinals - Milwaukee Brewers
1493777400Los Angeles Dodgers - San Francisco Giants
1493777400San Diego Padres - Colorado Rockies
1493777400Seattle Mariners - Los Angeles Angels
1493852700New York Yankees - Toronto Blue Jays
1493852700Washington Nationals - Arizona Diamondbacks
1493853000Boston Red Sox - Baltimore Orioles
1493853000Cincinnati Reds - Pittsburgh Pirates
1493853000Detroit Tigers - Cleveland Indians
1493853000Tampa Bay Rays - Miami Marlins
1493854500Atlanta Braves - New York Mets
1493856300Chicago Cubs - Philadelphia Phillies
1493856600Houston Astros - Texas Rangers
1493856600Minnesota Twins - Oakland Athletics
1493856900Kansas City Royals - Chicago White Sox
1493856900St.Louis Cardinals - Milwaukee Brewers
1493863800Los Angeles Dodgers - San Francisco Giants
1493863800San Diego Padres - Colorado Rockies
1493863800Seattle Mariners - Los Angeles Angels
1493915700Cincinnati Reds - Pittsburgh Pirates
1493917500Washington Nationals - Arizona Diamondbacks
1493917800Detroit Tigers - Cleveland Indians
1493917800Minnesota Twins - Oakland Athletics
1493919900St.Louis Cardinals - Milwaukee Brewers
1493921400Houston Astros - Texas Rangers
1493921700Kansas City Royals - Chicago White Sox
1493922000Chicago Cubs - Philadelphia Phillies
1493926800San Diego Padres - Colorado Rockies
1493939400Boston Red Sox - Baltimore Orioles
1493939400Tampa Bay Rays - Miami Marlins
1493940900Atlanta Braves - New York Mets
1493950200Seattle Mariners - Los Angeles Angels
1494008400Chicago Cubs - New York Yankees
1494024000Cincinnati Reds - San Francisco Giants
1494025500Baltimore Orioles - Chicago White Sox
1494025500Philadelphia Phillies - Washington Nationals
1494025500Pittsburgh Pirates - Milwaukee Brewers
1494025800New York Mets - Miami Marlins
1494025800Tampa Bay Rays - Toronto Blue Jays
1494027300Atlanta Braves - St.Louis Cardinals
1494029400Minnesota Twins - Boston Red Sox
1494029700Kansas City Royals - Cleveland Indians
1494031200Colorado Rockies - Arizona Diamondbacks
1494036300Oakland Athletics - Detroit Tigers
1494036420Los Angeles Angels - Houston Astros
1494036600San Diego Padres - Los Angeles Dodgers
1494036600Seattle Mariners - Texas Rangers
1494094200Minnesota Twins - Boston Red Sox
1494101400Tampa Bay Rays - Toronto Blue Jays
1494101700Kansas City Royals - Cleveland Indians